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the best individual trip in the Caribbean islands and in the Dominican Republic.


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7 years of impeccable travel in the country of eternal summer.

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1. Los Haitis National Park - The Residence of God.

We travel in a modern and powerful motorboat in the Dominican Venice, the mangrove forest of Los Haitises National Park. The catamaran can not enter the mangrove forest due to its large size.
The boat is equipped with a roof and everything necessary for a comfortable and safe trip.
This park is called the residence of God, whose area is 160 square kilometers.

Due to the unique mix of fresh and marine water, here live oysters, crabs, lobsters, shrimp and other marine reptiles, and a mangrove forest grows. In a motorboat we travel through the most picturesque islands of the Atlantic Ocean.

Including, Island of the Birds, that was chosen by numerous birds: pelicans, eagles, frigates, gulls, ducks and others.
We crossed the largest mangrove forest in America, visited two huge caves in which the local aborigines lived and worked, the Taino Indians, good people and the pirates of the Caribbean hid their treasures. Admire the colorful stalactites and stalagmites, which crystallize literally before our eyes. We consider pictograms (cave paintings) of the Taino Indians, we visited a colony of bats.


2. "I was in the fun, I flew on a broom."

We went up in jeeps or in a touristic Safari truck to the Redonda mountain (Montaña Redonda), admired the picturesque El Limon beach from a panoramic view, the "green" mountainous plateau in the Miches area, we rode on the swings and we flew in brooms


3. Dine and merge with nature in hotels and ecological restaurants, Paráño Caño Hondo. Swim in the natural pools, jacuzzi and waterfalls.


4. We fly on the cable car (Zip Line) over the picturesque natural park, Paráiso Caño Hondo, we climb to the observation platform and admire the pristine views of the Dominican nature bird's-eye view.


5. We visit one of the most picturesque white beaches in the area of ​​Miches called Arriba, we swim, we relax, we sunbathe.


Mega price!

The best day in the Dominican Republic will cost you only $ 125 per person.

The tours are led by the most experienced guides.

The price includes the departure of all tourist areas of the Dominican Republic, including Punta Cana (Bávaro) and La Romana (Bayahibe), Puerto Plata and Santo Domingo, Boca Chica and Juan Dolio, Samana and Las Terrenas, Las Galeras.
The journey is made with feeling, really and its arrangement, as close as possible to the individual (VIP).

The refreshments, the best rum, the Barceló Imperial and a delicious lunch are included in the price of the tour.

The guide of magicians fulfills all your wishes.


Days of the excursion according to the schedule: Tuesday and Friday. A group of 5 people can go to any of the days.

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